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Colonial Pipeline Line 25 Update #3 – August 3, 2018

  1. After Colonial discontinues service on Line 25, the pipeline will go into a state Colonial refers to as “idled.”
  2. During an idled state, Colonial will continue to maintain the right of way and the line as if it was in service. At this point, Line 25 will be filled with an inert gas.
  3. This process is scheduled to begin after the last delivery is completed, projected to be Sept. 30.
  4. Activities on the right of way that were prohibited while the line was in service will remain prohibited. This includes digging in the vicinity of the pipeline, placing buildings on the right of way, and planting trees or large shrubs whose root systems could impact the pipeline’s protective coating. As a reminder: any excavation in the vicinity of the line still requires a call to “811” before you dig.
  5. During an idled state, the actual pipeline remains underground. Colonial will continue to conduct periodic inspections, including aerial overflights, and will continue mowing and other required maintenance to ensure the line’s continued safety.
  6. To protect the public, pipeline markers will remain in place to designate the approximate location of the idled pipeline. Rectifiers, which control an electric current that inhibits corrosion of the line, also will remain.
  7. Although Colonial has no such plans, an idled line can be returned to service.
  8. Landowners with questions about right of way activities may submit their questions to

Welcome to Colonial Pipeline’s Line 25 Website

This website has been created to provide information on Colonial Pipeline’s decision to discontinue service on Line 25, which services the Roanoke, Va., market from Colonial’s Mitchell Junction tank farm in Columbia, Va.

Visit this site for updated information, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, submit questions via this website or via email to

Here is the August 17, 2017, Shipper Bulletin announcing Colonial’s plans:

Service Discontinuing on Colonial’s Mitchell Junction to Roanoke, Va., Pipeline – Line 25

Colonial plans to discontinue service on Line 25, a stubline delivering petroleum products to the Roanoke, Va., market from its Mitchell Junction Tank Farm in central Virginia. This decision was made due to Colonial’s ongoing concerns about the long-term integrity of the stubline. Colonial reduced flow-rates on the stubline in March 2017 out of an abundance of caution and to ensure the stubline’s continued, safe operation.

The stubline will continue to run at a reduced rate as Colonial decommissions the line, a process expected to take up to one year. This period will allow shipping customers to make alternate plans for supply. The scheduled time for the stubline to be removed from operational service is September 2018. Colonial is establishing a website to answer questions about this decision. Shippers may submit additional questions on the website. The link is


Here is an example of the Q&A’s you can expect to see as we receive and respond to your questions:

Why is Colonial taking this line out of service?

While we have not identified issues that impact current operations, our inspection process has identified line conditions that will require extensive maintenance over time.

Is the line safe?

Yes, we are currently operating the line safely and at reduced pressure and flow rates.

Why not replace the line?

We considered several options, including replacement of the line, however we have determined it would be best to focus priorities and resources on other key integrity and maintenance projects.

What does this line transport and what are the origins?

Line 25 transports gasoline and other fuels from Colonial’s Mitchell Junction tank farm in Columbia, Va., to five terminals serving customers in the Roanoke area.


Below is a map of Colonial’s pipelines in Virginia.

Media inquiries may be directed to