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Colonial Pipeline Line 25 Update #1 – October 17, 2017

  1. In August, Colonial announced plans to discontinue service on Line 25, which delivers gasoline and ULSD to the Roanoke, VA., market from Colonial’s main pipelines at Mitchell Junction (Columbia, VA).
  2. Service will continue until approximately September 2018, at which point the line will cease to operate.
  3. Colonial made this announcement more than a year in advance to allow its customers time to decide on alternative methods of supplying Roanoke and surrounding markets.
  4. Service on Line 25 will be discontinued due to concerns regarding the condition of the pipeline’s long-term viability.
  5. Colonial is committed to safe operations that protect the safety of the public and the environment.
  6. Since March 2017, the line has been running at reduced flow rates and will continue to do so until decommissioning is complete.
  7. Colonial continues to inspect and perform maintenance on Line 25.
  8. By way of background, Line 25 is approximately 80 miles in length. For the first seven months of this year (January-July), the line transported approximately 7 million barrels of refined products.
  9. For the most current information on Line 25, consult this website:

Colonial’s pipelines in Virginia.